Yorkshire 4×4 Response, much like many of the other groups that make up the 4×4 Response network, was established by likeminded 4×4 owners with a shared commitment to helping local communities and services. The vision was to provide experienced drivers with capable vehicles to offer support during adverse weather conditions and emergencies.

Originally founded as Humber-Yorks 4×4 Response in 2007, the group also became Yorks Lincs 4×4 Response and then finally Yorkshire 4×4 Response.

Over the years, our group has been actively involved in several high-profile emergencies, demonstrating our dedication to serving communities near and far. Our efforts have extended to areas such as Gloucestershire during flooding incidents, the severe snowstorm of 2010, and the challenging conditions brought by the ‘Beast from the East’ in 2018. We have also played a crucial role in providing logistical support during floods in York, Snaith, Doncaster, and Fishlake in recent years.

Since our inception, we have expanded our scope to support various charitable organizations by providing logistical services, event support, and other essential assistance. Notably, we collaborate closely with the NHS and patient transport services.

Today, our group comprises approximately 80 dedicated members covering the entire Yorkshire region. In times of need, we can call upon neighbouring groups to provide additional assistance, showcasing the strength of our collective commitment to helping those in need.