We support many different events throughout the year, from Jane Tomlinson’s run for all and Cancer Research UK events to festivals, fireworks and gravity events. We provide support for returning retirees, setting up and dismantling courses. Some of our team are also registered motorsport marshals and we assist at road and forest rally stages.

Depending on the event, we ask for a donation to the group, and coverage of the milage for responders, depending on the type of event. If you might want our help, get in touch and we can come to some arrangement.

Yorkshire 4×4 Response actively supports a wide range of running, challenge, and walking events throughout the year. Our commitment extends to partnering with organisations like Cancer Research UK and Jane Tomlinson’s Run For All, among others.

We offer comprehensive event assistance, including course setup and dismantling, retiree collections, route planning, spectator management, and collaboration with local authorities and the police for road closures and traffic management. Our dedication to the community also extends to supporting public displays, such as car shows, fireworks, and steam rallies.

Our multifaceted involvement in these events showcases our dedication to community service, safety, and cooperation, contributing to the success and enjoyment of these activities for participants and spectators alike.

We support the Harewood Gravity Games, held at Harewood House each year, providing transport and towing facilitates for competitors and their equipment from the bottom of the hill climb to the top.

We also have our own gravity racer that those brave enough can have a go at.

For many years we have supported Tribfest, the biggest Tribute band festival in the UK. We provide them with responders stationed on site all week, assisting getting people on and off the site.

When the weather turns bad, we also deploy additional responders to help with site logistics, band movements as well as getting people off the site at the end of the weekend.