Yorkshire 4×4 Response takes a structured and transparent approach to its partnerships with different organisations. Here’s a detailed explanation of our engagement process:

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with NHS, Local Authorities, or Care Providers:

  • If you represent an NHS, local authority, or care provider, we offer the option to establish an MOU between our organisation and yours. This document outlines the specific criteria and expectations for our services, ensuring alignment between both parties.
  • The MOU covers essential aspects such as the services we provide, activation protocols, and reimbursement details.
  • While our dedicated volunteers generously offer their time and skills for free, we do request reimbursements for mileage. Responders often cover significant distances, especially during busy periods, and these mileage costs contribute to fuel expenses.

Emergency MOU for Priority Cases:

  • In emergency situations, we have the capacity to issue emergency MOUs. However, our priority remains with organisations that have established MOUs in place.
  • Emergency MOUs are offered on a best-effort basis, ensuring swift response and assistance during unforeseen crises.

Commercial Organisations and Charities:

  • For commercial organisations and other charities, we operate on a mutually agreed arrangement policy. Prior to an event or collaboration, we work together to define the scope of our involvement, including the services we will provide.
  • Additionally, we discuss commercial or donation arrangements, ensuring transparency and clarity in our partnership.

At Yorkshire 4×4 Response, we are committed to fostering collaborative relationships with a wide range of organizations while maintaining clear expectations and terms of engagement. Our structured approach ensures that our services are efficiently utilized, benefitting both our volunteers and the communities we serve.

If you are interested please fill out the form here and one of our user liaison officers will come back to you.