At Yorkshire 4×4 Response, we place a strong emphasis on competency. Our dedicated responders undergo comprehensive training that includes theory, practical exercises, and assessments. This training ensures that our team is fully competent in the tasks they are given.

We operate a tiered system, whereby responders, though training and experience can progress. As our responders gain knowledge and experience, they have the opportunity to advance within the organisation.

Additionally, we utilize training and experience to assign specific ‘roles’ to our responders. These roles are associated with particular skill sets that responders have acquired and been officially certified for, either through our internal training and assessment processes or recognized external bodies. This system ensures that our team members are equipped with specialised skills and expertise to fulfil various critical functions within our organisation, and allows our controllers to select the most suitable responders for the job.

Many of our training modules are experience-based, allowing responders to apply the knowledge and skills learned in practical sessions. We firmly believe that competency is best developed through hands-on experience rather than passive learning like PowerPoint presentations.

Furthermore, we recognise that experience gained outside of our group can also contribute to a responder’s competency and help them progress within our organisation.

In addition to our in-house training, we provide funding for external courses such as LANRA or DEFRA courses. These external courses enhance our responders’ knowledge and skill sets.

Some of our core training subjects include:

  • First Aid for Responders
  • Recovery and Winch Awareness
  • Risk Assessments
  • Water Awareness

These subjects are fundamental for our responders, and we offer a range of additional training modules to ensure that our team is well-prepared and highly competent